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What is LARP?

Live-action roleplaying, or LARP, takes you places MMORPGs and tabletop games can’t.


If you’ve ever dreamed of going toe-to-toe with an orc warlord, hurling fireballs into an army of undead minions, or being the first to explore ancient ruins loaded with treasure, then you’ve never LARPed! Because we don’t just dream it, we do it.


Live-action roleplayers travel from all over for a weekend in the woods, assuming the personality and in-game skills of their characters to pursue quest lines, make friends, and beat the bad guys… or be them! Be the slippery rogue who travels under cover of darkness, the mage whose mastery of the elements is renowned throughout the kingdom, the bold fighter whose great sword is longer than she is. Be prepared to immerse yourself completely in your character for the duration of a LARP event. You’ll wear their clothes, speak their language, eat at an in-game tavern, and sleep with a weapon in your bed. Leave your homework and your desk job behind. LARP is the ultimate getaway.


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